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Updated on 31th May 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic all of you had a lot of question about your bookings and future travel plans.

We would like to assure you that Crazy-Voyages is still here for you! Due to the circumstances, most of our team is in fourlough and our office is open from Monday to Thursday from 10am to 12pm. We are currently receiving a big number of calls, for this reason we ask you to contact us via email at contact@crazy-voyages.com for any enquiry and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the delay this may cause.

Crazy-Voyages existed for more than 10 years and we want to be there for you for a very long time to come :-)

Because the current situation is still tricky and travelling seems still a little bit complicated, we have prepared for you some FAQs with examples and answer about travelling restrictions, bookings, credit notes, etc.

Términos y Condiciones

Below you can find some FAQs with examples and answers regarding credit notes and new bookings:

1. You would like to use your credit note

Some of you have received a credit note relating to the amount paid on our website with a validity of 18 months, as specified by the amendment to the French law which took effect on the 25th March. French Government took this decision to try to partially save the cash flow of travel agencies, and thanks to that decision we are still here!

If thanks to the ease of the restrictions you have finally found the will to travel again, do not hesitate to contact our team via email or in your client area with your new dates and destination!

Good news! By booking right now, you will benefit from the best rates and best availability! You won’t take any risks by booking today: if your weekend will be cancelled again because of the Covid19, we will reactivate your initial credit note in your client area without changing the expiration date. :-)

FYI: Your credit note has a validity of 18 months. The 18 months start from the date the credit note has been sent to you. The credit note is nominative, numbered and can be used for travels in 2021 or 2022 for the same destinations or for a new one!

1.1. You paid only the deposit

The balance of your weekend has to be paid 6 weeks before the departure. If the balance won’t be paid in time, we will have to cancel the booking with loss of the amount paid as per our T&C. If as the date of the stay approaches the situation is degrading because of the Covid19 and you are obliged to cancel the stay, your deposit will again be reconverted into a credit note, without changing the expiration date.

2. You don’t want to use your credit note/Only a part of your group would like to use his credit note

Our prices are calculated on the exact number of participants (especially when the groom's part has been splitted in all participants, or when some activities have a fixed cost: limousines, minibuses, boats rent, etc). That’s why we encourage you to reschedule your weekend with the same number of participants as in the original booking. But if that’s not possible, Crazy-Voyages will reschedule anyway the stag do for the participants that want to travel. Please note that if the number of participants is different from the original booking, there can be extra fees to pay to cover all the costs.

The people that do not want to participate in the postponed weekend, will still have their credit note and they will be able to use it within the 18 months validity.

3. You are a new customer and you want to book a weekend with us

Good news! Britain allows international travel from May 17 to the green list countries! Furthermore, from July the 1st Europe will launch his travel pass that will allows vaccinated people, recently recovered from Covid19 people and tested negative people to travel among Europe.

But, because the pandemic is still on and the situation is still a little complicated, we decided to offer to all the new group bookings a FREE postponement of the stay or a 100% REFUND if the cancellation of the weekend is related to the Covid19 (please check the new article in our T&C about Covid19). Note that this offer won’t apply to groups and customers that already received a credit note.

Crazy-Voyages will postpone your booking for free our refund you 100% the amount you paid within 30 working days if:

Crazy-Voyages won’t refund you and won’t reschedule your booking for free if:

You can start to book today your stag do party by booking one of our Top Destinations in Europe! And if you don’t want to take any risks by travelling abroad or if you simply are on a budget, our UK offer is there for you!

Crazy-Voyages has been organising stag and hen dos for over 20 years. Of course, we are suffering the crisis like everyone else, but thanks to our experience, our relationships with our local provider and thanks to the French Government help (furlough, law about refunds and credit notes, cash loan guaranteed by the State) Crazy-Voyages is still alive and will resist this horrible crisis! We can assure you that all of our teams are working to resolve the situation, and everyone is fully involved to support you in the best possible way.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Alexandre and Aurélien

Co-founders of Crazy-Voyages